scan0002Dear Students

I welcome you to Mahatma Gandhi Arts, Science, and Late N.P. Commerce College Armori with pride. It is an honour and a privilege to be the Principal of this College, the College that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards. MAHATMA GANDHI ARTS, SCIENCE, AND LATE N.P.COMMERCE COLLEGE ARMORI has been at the vanguard of academics since 1981. Our mission is providing opportunities to higher education to the students of these backward areas. The dream has come true to some extent as is evident from the list of alumni who are occupying positions of responsibility & prestige in the society. It has been a long felt necessity to align higher education with the emerging needs of the economy and incorporate the requirements of various industries. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a scheme on skills development based on higher education leading to COMMUNITY COLLEGE with multiple exits such as Diploma/ Advanced Diploma. The COMMUNITY COLLEGE Programme is focused on preparing Diploma/Advanced Diploma holders acquire necessary job market skills enabling them to gain appropriate employment or become entrepreneurs.

We start course in DRESS DESIGNING WITH THE MISSION to identity young women & men with professional, managerial, technical and entrepreneurial aspiration, talent and determination and trigger them off to become excellent inspirational leader in the DRESS DESIGNING industry.

Today’s clothing is a medium of expression of creative skills of the designer and the skills of a fabricator. Stitching is the basic skill which transforms the preconceived idea, which is expressed as “design” into its practical usable form of “garment” or a “style”. Stitching is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. Sewing is used in garment making and also in a variety of crafts and industries which include upholstery, furnishing and sports goods. It is a vocational stream and the fundamental process underlying a variety of textile arts and crafts including embroidery, quilting and patch work. Clothing is an expensive investment in the present age and time for most people and women have an important role in purchasing, producing and using items of clothing. While in this rural area much clothing is still produced at home by female members of the family, more and more ready-made clothes for the middle classes are being produced with sewing machines. Needlework and stitching is one of the few occupations considered acceptable for women. It can be practiced at home or at small scale cottage industry level since it provides the opportunity of flexible timing.  The course of “Dress Designing” is an effort to develop stitching skills in an individual which would not only help one generate newer forms of design but also would provide a sound footage in guiding a skilled person to transform the idea into a garment.

At Mahatma Gandhi Arts, Science, And Late N.P. Commerce College students and staff truly believe that nothing is impossible and that is the secret of our success.

Dr. L. H. Khalsa