• College has won Gadchiroli District level 1st prize and 2nd prize in Gondwana University for ‘JAGAR JANIVANCHA ABHIYAN’ for the year 2013-2014.
  • College has won University level 1st Prize and State level Consolation Award for meritorious work in ‘Road Safety Drive’ for the year 2013-2014.
  • A ‘SADBHAVANA DAUD’, (Cross-Country Road Race), was organized on the eve of National Sports Day on 2nd September, 2014.



The college has a well maintained and beautiful botanical garden with a variety of plants.


    The college has an excellent library with Reference Section, Journal Section, Reading Hall, & Stack-Room. The library has unique collection of Encyclopedia, Handbooks, Reference books, Textbooks, Journals, E-Journals & CD ‘S etc. The college provides enormous library facility for the students as well as the staff members.

    Total No of Books / Reference Book / Periodicals 

    S.No Particular Titles Volumes
    1 Text Book 5199 12424
    2 Reference Book 3783 4048
    4 Journals 25 25
    5 Periodicals 21 21

      Late Watsalabai Wanmali Women’s Hostel provides modern amenities and healthy living condition. Total numbers of seats are only 20. Accommodation in the college hostel is provided on first come first served basis. Preference is given to students coming from far off places while allotting seats in the hostels. For further details the students should contact the office.


        The central computer center has structured networking and server with adequate number of terminals. All the software required for academic purposes and day to day work are available. The peripherals like printer, scanner, speakers, CD-ROM drive, LCD Projector also available.


          College provides a modern gymnasium with all the facilities to stakehoders. Interested student may contact the Physical Education Department for details.


            The college has full-fledged Network Resource Centre with computers and internet facility. All the stake holders may take advantage of this facility for details contact Computer Department.


              The college has university recognized research supervisors in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics. Research Scholarmay avail of these facilities.

                SUGGESTION BOX

                A suggestion box is placed in the library reading room. The students should use this for giving positive suggestions and avoid personalized comments/remarks.

                  EMPLOYMENT CELL

                  It provides information about jobs in private and public sector. It also motivates the students to seek self employment.


                    Campus has a well-maintained cricket field, basket ball, hand ball court.

                      CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

                      The students are (substantially) encouraged to take part in the class seminar, symposium, group discussion and viva voice.

                        READING ROOM

                        There is a reading room with necessary modern furniture.

                          CYCLE STAND

                          College have a bicycle/two wheelers parking facility. Students shall have to park their bicycle/two wheelers at the place allotted for this purpose, failing which they will be penalized.

                            GIRLS COMMON ROOM

                            The college has a girl’s common room with basic amenities.

                              REFROGRAPHIC FACILITY

                              The college has Xerox facility which is made available for students also.

                                SPORTS FACILITIES

                                In healthy body, lies healthy mind. For all round development we provide our students with the best of sports facilities. The college has a huge playground and Gymnasium. We provide various indoor and outdoor games facilities. The college participates in various university and inter-University sports and has represented regularly in national and state tournaments wining top ranks.

                                Best of sports facilities
                                • Huge playground
                                • Various Indoor and Outdoor Games Facilities
                                • The college participates in various university and inter-University sports
                                • Represented regularly in national and state tournaments winning top ranks
                                • Campus has a well-maintained cricket field, basket ball, hand ball court. volley ball.
                                • Students are encouraged to use these sports facilities in addition to the regular sports facilities

                                  CONCESSIONS AND SCHOLARSHIP

                                  CONCESSIONS AND SCHOLARSHIP
                                  • A student whose parent/guardian has an annual income of not more than Rs 15000/- can avail ofEBCfacility which includes reimbursement of full tuition fee and some part of admission fee.
                                  • Scholarships are available for students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Nomadic Tribes, OBC, ceiling of income for eligibility. i) SC/ST — Rs. 1,00,000 ii) Others — Rs. 65,290
                                  • Fee concessions are available for student of freedom Fighter, Primary School Teachers and Secondary School Teachers.
                                  • Open Merit Scholarship is available for exceptionally high scoring students.
                                  • Handicapped students can also apply for scholarship by filling prescribed application form 3% seats are reserved for the handicapped students.
                                  • The students should verify their eligibility for any scholarship from scholarship section of college.
                                  • The Principal has the right to withdraw the scholarship facility and recover any amount already paid to student on the charge of misconduct, participating in strikes, unsatisfactory academic progress or irregular attendance in the class.
                                  • As per Governments rules, the student availingof any scholarship or concession must have 80% attendance in classes and show satisfactory progress in tests conducted by the college.
                                  • Rajashree Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship is available to SC, VJ, NT, SBC students securing 75% marks and above at S.S.C.
                                  • The students belonging to minority communities are entitled for scholarship.
                                  EKLAVYA SHISHAN YOJANA FOR P.G. STUENTS

                                  Financial help is rendered through this scheme to the poor and brilliant students.

                                  UGC SCHEMES

                                  Some important UGC Schemes will be implemented from this session 2014-2015
                                  1. REMEDIAL COACHING
                                  2. Remedial coaching will be provided to SC/ST/OBC, minorities weaker students.

                                  3. COACHING FOR NET/SET FOR SC/ST/OBC, MINORITY STUDENTS
                                  4. Coaching will be provided for NET/SET exam to students belonging toSC/ST/OBC & minorities.

                                  5. COACHING CLASSES FOR ENTRY IN SERVICES
                                  6. Coaching will be provided to SC/ST/OBC &minority students preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC, Banking, etc.

                                  7. SCHEME FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES
                                  8. Providing special equipment to augment educational services for differently-abled persons